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Water, Food & Education To The Maasai Community

Water, Food, & Education to Pastoral Maasai Communities

Your donations change lives!

We provide education opportunities, water access, and food relief. 

The Olalashe Foundation





Desks Built



Meals in Food Relief



Liters of water available to humans and livestock

Students attending schools supported by Olalashe Foundation

Permanent structures built

Receive Water Access 

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infrastructures built
Books Donated
Food relief
School Support
Kids of Maasai

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Why Maasai?

It is very important to the Maasai culture to preserve their traditions while also balancing the educational needs of their children.  We believe that education is necessary in bringing positive, progressive change.  Through education, the Maasai people can better navigate the ever-changing world around them.


One of the biggest problems facing the education system in Kenya regarding Maasai is that there are not enough facilities or teaching material that are consistent with a quality education.


When Maasai children do not have a good foundation of education, which includes access to proper facilities and resources at the primary level, they are less likely to get the quality education they need to gain access to more expansive economic opportunies. If children begin their education with adequate resources, they are more likely to go beyond the current limits and perpetuate growth in their communities. This lays the groundwork for an empowered and sustainable future for the Maasai people. 

About Olalashe Foundation

Olalashe was founded in 2020 by a group of friends who share a love and passion for rural Africa and the Maasai community.  Together with our team in Kenya, we are committed to identifying ways to bring positive change and impact to the most vulnerable communities. Through water projects bringing clean water access to thousands of community members and livestock, building permanent structures to improve local schools, providing desks, books, education materials, meals, scholarships, and more… we are encouraged and overjoyed by the outcomes of organizing to provide for our family in Maasailand.  We invite you to share in the excitement of this amazing journey!

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Upcoming Projects to Fund

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Our Mission

The Olalashe Foundation endeavors to make a difference in the most remote Maasai communities by providing access to water and education necessary for proper adaptation to the fast-changing ways of life.

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