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We are OLALASHE “brothers” or in our case, “FAMILY” working together to change lives of Maasai communities in need.

Meet The Team.

Becky Conway

Becky Conway is an International Equestrian Show Jumping rider currently based in Wellington Florida. Visiting the Maasai Mara sparked Becky’s admiration of the Maasai people, their positive spirit in the face of challenges and their simple way of living. On her second trip to Kenya, Becky made a promise to dedicate her time and energy to help make a difference for the Maasai community who had left a profound impression on her after their first meeting. During the worldwide pandemic, Becky devoted her time to the creation of The Olalashe Foundation as

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"Twala" William

William Ngigiro Twala is one of eleven children born to a pastoral Maasai family in Narok County, Kenya.  Twala completed his formal primary education in 2000, where he was among a small group of children selected by the government to enroll in school. In 2006, Twala began work with Gamewatchers Safaris and the famous Porini Camps. It was during this time that he cultivated his interest and passion for wildlife research and exploration. In 2009, after passing his exams, Twala became a professional tour guide.  He continued to advance his qualifications in 2013 by passing his Silver Level examination. It was during his time as a professional tour guide for Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps, where he met Dris, his “Olalashe”.


Twala is the backbone of The Olalashe Foundation, and he believes that education is key in making a positive impact on his community. His life goal is to give back to his people and community by providing education and clean water to the most remote party of the Maasai Mara.


Julie Kasle

Julie Kasle is a lifelong equestrian whose love for animals prompted her first trip to Kenya. This trip indelibly imprinted Julie with a connection to the Maasai community which made her aware of the simple things they were living without; clean water, education, toilets, and permanent infrastructure just to name a few. Through The Olalashe Foundation she hopes to bring joy and comfort to the Maasai people so they can continue to thrive in the changing world, while still maintaining their tribes’ unique traditions.


"Dris" Ramdane

Randane Dris, originally from France, moved to the United States 20 years ago where he now co-owns an ultra-exclusive hair salon in Palm Beach, Florida. Travelling to Africa was a childhood passion for Dris, and he has spent the last 17 years traveling through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, and Kenya. On his first trip to Kenya, Dris met Twala as a game guide at Porini Lion Camp. Their friendship was instant and soon grew into a brotherhood bond.  Their time together in the bush ignited the vision for The Olalashe Foundation. 


Junny Luke Perez

Junny Perez first visited Kenya with husband, Dris in 2019 where she was overwhelmed with emotions after visiting the Maasai villages. She was inspired by their simple lifestyle and became motivated to find a way to combine her love for adventure with helping these special people. Throughout her childhood Junny traveled extensively with her parents, most frequently to India, as well as many other parts of Southeast Asia. This instilled in her the belief that travel is the best and most pure form of education and inspired her to channel her passion for philanthropy, wildlife and photography into ongoing support for The Olalashe Foundation.

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Why We Do What We Do

This video library displays the journey we took and will continue to take with the Maasai community. This adventure has been a warm and educating experience we never want to end.  We were able, not only to help the Maasai community with clean drinking water, education materials and more, but to immerse ourselves in some of the culture and traditions with wonderful people. The memories, connections and brotherhood that has been built, allows us to now consider ourselves extended family of each other. 

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